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Save Time With New Excel Addin Functions

Replace Manual Steps With Formulas

Speed Up Data Entry, Analysis, Development, Testing

Add New Power And Capabilities To Spreadsheets

Save Time, Work Faster, Work Easier, Work More Accurately

Our functions are specially designed to help every-day Excel users to save time,

by writing simple formulas that really do save time and effort.


Drop Down & Cell Magnification - With Just A Click

Magnify cell ribbon.png

Instant Cell Magnification is now just one click away.


Ideal for easy viewing of small cells or cells with large amounts of text and much easier editing of formulas - edit in the cell now.

As you move around your sheet, each cell is automatically magnified to the same %, with the previous cell being returned to original size.

Magnify cell Example 5 formula.png

No more squinting at the formula bar or tiny cells!

Latest Release.png
30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

For A Limited Time Individual Functions are just $10 each

Save Time & Effort By Replacing Manual Steps With Formulas

Find Duplicates - In Single & Multiple Ranges - With One Formula

Manual Step Functions To Be Shortly Available As Individual Functions
  • Copy/Paste Formulas  - As Values

  • Copy/Paste Formulas  - As Formulas

  • Clear A Cell Range  - To Empty

  • Export Data As Excel CSV File 

  • Read/Write File - Text and CSV Formats

Find Duplicates
Speed Up Data Entry and Analysis - With A Smarter Sheet

Find Duplicates - In Single & Multiple Ranges - With One Formula

Find Duplicate Image.png
Data Entry Functions To Be Shortly Available As Individual Functions
  • Copy/Paste Values

  • Alert User - Change Color of Row, Range, Cell 

  • Stop User - With OK Message Box

  • Stop User - With Answer Message Box

Accelerate Spreadsheet Development And Testing

Display Formulas - See Formulas & Results Together

Display Formula Example 2.png

See the whole chain of formulas leading to the total value

Development Functions To Be Shortly Available As Individual Functions


  • Transpose Formulas - Keeping Cell References e.g. =CMV_TransposeToRows(A1,A1:Z1)

  • Fast Concatenation Of Ranges + options  e.g. =CMV_ConcatRange(A1:Z1,”; “)

  • Clear A Range Of Cells - To Empty e.g. =CMV_ClearRange(A1:Z30)

  • Set Cells True, False or Null  e.g. =CMV_True(A1)&CMV_False(A2)&CMV_Null(A3)

  • Copy Paste New Formula On The Fly  e.g. =CMV_Paste_Cell_Formula (A2:Z2, A1:Z1)

  • Dynamic Fill Down e.g. =CMV_Paste_Formula(A1:OFFSET(A1,CMV_GetLastRow()-1,0), A1)

  • Dynamic Formula Selection e.g. =CMV_Paste_Formula(CHOOSE(A1,C1,C2,C3,C4)

  • Create Formulas On The Fly e.g. =CMV_Paste_Formula(A1,If(B1=1,"=C1*10","=C2*12"))

  • Instant Workbook Backup - Versions e.g. MyWorkbook Backup 20180607 103025.xlsx

"Saves me time every day!"

See How To Display And Transpose Formulas

Display Formulas
System Requirements
Add Power & New Capabilities To Spreadsheets

New Capability Functions To Be Shortly Available As Individual Functions

  • Advanced SEARCH - Match any of MUTLIPLE CRITERIA, in TEXT and CSV string,

  • for exact match, partial string match, word match and phrase match:

  • e.g. 2=CMV_Search_Word_CSV("Apple,Pear","peach,apple,pear,strawberry,Pear")

  • e.g. 5=CMV_Search_Exact_CSV("Apple,Pear","peach,apple,pear,strawberry,Pear")

  • Get WORD n in TEXT string e.g. "four" =CMV_GetWordString("This is word four",4)

  • Get PHRASE n in CSV string  e.g. "a pear" =CMV_GetWordCSV("peach,apple,a pear",3)

  • Get DATE FORMAT for region or user preference e.g. =CMV_GetDateFormat()

  • Read file record - control data, lookup data e.g.=CMV_FileReadString("LookupTable.txt",3)

  • Write file record - statistical data or event e.g.=CMV_FileWriteString("LogFile.txt")

  • Make file name with path to workbook directory e.g.=CMV_MakeFileName(A1)

  • Does File or Directory Exist e.g.=CMV_FileOrDirExists("More Data.txt")

  • Is a Workbook Open  e.g.=CMV_IsWorkBookOpen("Another Workbook.xlsx")

  • Is Sheet present e.g.=CMV_IsWorksheetPresent("Sheet1")

  • Plus, a host of other functions

Click Here To See Working Examples 

30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Not Sure?

Future Functions 


Our functions are specially designed to help every-day Excel users to save time,

by using simple formulas that really do save time and effort in Excel.

Our development plans include extensions to some of the existing functions, new and complimentary functions for the existing packs, plus some new packs.
All are aimed at saving you time in your day-to-day work.

Please join our mailing list for news and updates 

We welcome your feedback on how to improve our functions.

We also welcome feedback on what else would help you to save time working with Excel.

Just drop us note using the contact form below.

Inclusions When You Purchase A Functions Pack

An Excel Add-In pack includes all the functions for that pack, plus the Common Functions, as defined in the Functions Directory at time of purchase.

1 Computer Licence Per Pack (unless specifically stated otherwise)

Functions Directory, detailing functions, arguments and options

A pdf file of the examples workbook for easy reference

The examples workbook for the functions pack

Access to all demonstration workbooks

Access to All How To Videos

30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee 

The licence is valid for all users of that computer, does not have an expiry date and whilst tied to the computer it is first installed on, it can be moved a limited number of times (after which a new licence will be required).

System Requirements

Our function are Excel Add-In Files (xlam)

All functions are specially designed for inclusion in formulas

(functions do not reside within or alter your workbooks)


Works with XLSX, XLSM and XLSB workbook formats

In Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 or Office 365 - 32 / 64 bit

Windows 32 / 64 bit

Note: Macros must be enabled

Sorry, but please do not purchase if you have a Mac

We are aware of some critical differences with Mac Excel that we must address.

We are planning on doing so in the near future and will keep you advised.

Please join our mailing list for news and updates

Note: The functions are designed & built to be called from formulas.

 We do not provide any warranty or guarantees if called from code.


Learn How to Replace Manual Steps With Formulas


(End Of Month Detailed Walkthrough Video)

Learn how formulas 

  • Start & Control The Process

  • Ask For User Confirmation

  • Find & Highlight Duplicates 

  • Copy Formula Values Into Relevant Month Column

Learn how formulas 

  • Create A Unique File Name

  • Export Summary Data As CSV

  • Read a Row From CSV File

  • Increment Month Number

  • Reset For Next Month

Have You Seen Click My View Application?

Intelligent Filtering - Rows AND Columns


Hide and Unhide Rows and Columns Instantly

Especially designed for Everyday Excel Users.

Users who want to work faster, easier, smarter,

without technicalities, macros or programming.

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