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Smart Excel Software 

Installation Steps

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We guarantee that our software is virus-free, malware-free, trojan-free and does not obtain or upload user information.


Should you encounter a warning from your Antivirus software, please advise us and we will send our software to your Antivirus software provider for confirmation that detection is incorrect and for them to issue an update to avoid further false warnings.

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The email that you receive contains your registration details, a software download link, quick start instructions and links to this support page and the product support page.

The download is a zip file containing the Excel Software Workbook.xlsm (a macro-enabled workbook). It is delivered this way to automate and simplify installation of the software as an Excel AddIn.

  1. Click the link in the email to download the software

  2. Open the zip file

  3. If you plan to install the software in a specific folder (by selecting option a)  or c) below): drag/move all the files to that specific folder. Otherwise drag/move all the files to your Documents folder.

  4. Go to that folder and Open the Installation workbook ({Smart Excel addin name} Install.xlam) by either double clicking the workbook name or selecting the workbook and right click open)

  5. Excel may ask if macros need to be enabled, if so, please enable this.

  6. To Accept the end user licence agreement click OK

  7. Enter the registration details provided in the email and click OK.

  8. Click the required installation option. 

    a) Install the Addin in the current folder.

    b) Install the Addin in the default Excel Addin folder 

    c) Create the Addin (.xlam file) in the current folder for manual installation


  9. If you selected option a) or b) - for automatic installation
    Close ALL instances of Excel.
    Restart Excel to complete the installation.

    The "SmartXUser" menu is now visible in the top Excel ribbon and the software has been activated.


  10. If you selected option 3), the Addin file (Smart xxx.xlam) is located in the current folder, ready for manual installation. Refer to Install Excel Addins on how to do this. 

Click Here For Instructions on Excel Add-In Installation or Removal  


Example Smart Excel Software Registration

SXU Registration.png

Installation Options Description


  1. Create the Addin file in the current folder and install the Addin for automatic loading when Excel is started. 
    Please note that you may need to enable macro files to run in the current folder. Refer FAQ's for how to do this.


  2. Create the Addin file in the default Excel Addin folder and install the Addin for automatic loading when Excel is started. (Recommended).

    The benefits of Automatic installation are:

    a) it takes seconds to complete,
    b) it is simple for you (there is no fiddling around with Excel or system settings) and
    c) it simplifies the installation of updates.


  3. Create the Addin file in the current folder for you to perform a manual installation.


Should automatic installation fail to work, please use option 3 and perform a manual installation of the Addin.

Click Here For How To Install An Excel Add-In   

Example Smart Excel Software Installation Options

SXU Installation options.png
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