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We guarantee that our software is virus-free, malware-free, trojan-free and does not obtain or upload user information.


Should you encounter a warning from your Antivirus software, please advise us and we will send our software to your Antivirus software provider for confirmation that detection is incorrect and for them to issue an update to avoid further false warnings.

We will never share your information with anyone without your permission.

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  • Can other people update my workbooks?
    Yes they can. If they have the same Click My Functions installed on their computers the workbooks will work as normal. If they do not have the same functions installed, the cells that contain formulas that use Click My View formulas will display #Name?
  • Can I move my Software License to another computer?
    Yes you can. Click My View functions are licenced for use on one computer. However, unlike some vendors who insist on purchase of another licence, we generously allow customers to move a licence to another computer a number of times. The first step is for you, the customer, to release the license on your old computer. It is always the responsibility of the customer to perform this – instructions are below. The first step to move the licence to another computer is for you to release the license on your old computer. Please note: Once performed, the licence cannot be re-activated on the old computer, this is irreversible. On the old computer, ensure Excel is not running, then launch Excel with the Shift and OS keys pressed, keeping them pressed UNTIL you see the License Options dialog below. (The OS key has an Apple icon for Mac or Window icon for Windows). Select the “Release License” tab and click OK. Confirmation is displayed advising that the licence has been blocked. Now install the software and licence on the other computer. Please be aware that to help Excel users to take advantage of our software tools, we keep our retail prices very low. As a consequence, we are unable to offer free support for releasing, resetting, restoring or transferring licences. If you are unable to do so yourself, it will be necessary to either purchase a new licence for your computer or purchase a support service (submit a support request and we will provide a quotation). We recognize that bona fide customers will change computers over time and whilst enabling the licence to be moved, there is a limit of 8 activations. This is considered ample for legitimate customers. This is a hard limit and once reached, the licence cannot be reactivated and new licence or subscription must be purchased. This is unfortunate, but necessary, in order to minimize software piracy.
  • Can I write my own macros in workbooks when using the functions?
    Yes you can. The Click My View functions work with all three types of workbook .XLSX, .XLSM and .XLSB
  • Can I call the Click My View functions in VBA?
    The short answer is yes, for most, if not all functions. Our focus is to deliver capabilities to non technical Excel users, and as yet we have not had time to test all the functions when called by VBA. All of the functions that we have tested with VBA work just fine. As stated, our priority is for non technical users, and we do not specifically test or warrant that any of our functions will work when called from VBA. As we deliver standalone functions we are testing them with VBA. The product description of each standalone function includes a statement about use in VBA. Our functions are specifically designed for ease of use by non technical Excel users, for use within formulas, to provide them with capabilities that are not normally available to them. So, unlike typical VBA code, the functions are deliberately simplified, wherever possible avoiding arguments for options, instead having a similar function with a meaningful name which delivers that option.
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