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Smart Forms - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I write my own macros in workbooks when using Smart Forms?

Yes you can. Smart Forms work with all three types of workbook .XLSX, .XLSM and .XLSB. The product support page contains instructions on how to call that particular software.

Can I call Smart Forms in VBA?

Yes you can. The Click My View Smart Forms work with all three types of workbook .XLSX, .XLSM and .XLSB. The product support page contains instructions on how to call that particular software.

Can I move my Software License to another computer?

Yes you can.

Our software is licenced for use on one computer. However, you may move the software to another computer a limited number of times.

The first time you use the software on a new computer you will be required to re-register the software, using the registration details provided in the email that you received. Please ensure you keep your registration email in a safe place to enable this.

Can other people update my workbooks?

Yes they can. However, if they don't have the same Smart Excel Software products, they will have to do so using standard Excel features.

The Add-in Disappears From Excel Ribbon?

In July 2016, Microsoft heightened it's security features and by default, blocked files that are downloaded from the internet or another computer.

With normal files like .xlsx, .xlsm and .xlsb Excel prpvides a prompt that the file is currently being blocked.

Microsoft did not provide the same courtesy with add-in files. (.xlam).
Refer to How Make A Folder A Trusted Folder This option is most preferred as any file saved into a trusted folder will be unblocked without changing each individual file's properties.Copy your folder path (ie Ctrl +C)Go To File > OptionsSelect Trust Center > Trust Center SettingsGo to Trusted Locations and select Add New LocationPaste in your folder path (ie Ctrl + V) and click OK (3 times to close out of all the dialog boxes)

How Do I Make A Folder A Trusted Folder

How Make A Folder A Trusted Folder This is the preferred option for resolving blocked files or enabling a workbook to be trusted. All files saved into a trusted folder will not be blocked. This saves resorting to changing file properties. 1. In File Explorer, copy your folder path (e.g. Ctrl +C) 2. In Excel, Click File menu 3. Click Options 4. Select Trust Center 5. Click Trust Center Settings 6. Click Trusted Locations 7. Click Add New Location 8. Paste the folder path into the path field (e.g. Ctrl + V) 9. Click OK 3 times to close all dialog boxes

How Do I Install / Remove a Smart Excel User Product

Click this link to open the page that contains all the instructions

How Do I Receive Software Updates and New Releases?

Point releases are software releases for bug fixes and minor enhancements. Examples of these are designated by version decimal numbers : 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc.) These releases are available for everyone with a valid licence. Simply use the download link provided in the registration email for your software. That link will download the latest software update. Then, use the same Activation code to install the software. Major releases are significant releases, typically containing new functionality and features. These release are identified with a new Version number. e.g. version 3. Major releases are available to all Subscription customers holding current licences. You will receive an email at the time of release, containing a link for the new version and an Activation code to use with this new version. You choose when you wish to update to the new version.

Cannot run the macro ...The macro may not be available in the workbook or all marcros may be disabled

It is pretty likely that Excel macros are disabled. By default macros are disabled across the whole of Office and no macro can be run. Go to File - Options

Go to Trust Center - Trust Center Settings - Macro Settings

Set Macro Settings to 'Enable all Macros' Check the box marked 'Trust access to the VBA project object model'

Save and Exit Options Close Excel and restart