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Quickly Find Errors In Formulas

Save Time - Finding And Fixing Problems

See All Information At Once For Multiple Formulas

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Smart Function Example Display Formula a

Find and fixing formula problems is so much faster when you can see all the formulas together, with their results. It’s like having an instrument panel.


Simply display them one beneath the other and the root cause of an error quickly becomes obvious. Plus, you can see hidden #REF! errors (even when there is a valid result) and see formulas in hidden sheets, hidden rows and hidden columns!


For flexibility, there are two options: GetCellFormula and GetCellFormulaFull


These two functions are great time savers for:


  • Accelerating spreadsheet development, user testing & acceptance

  • Resolving day-to-day issues when the results are not as expected

  • Avoiding down-stream errors, resulting from hidden #REF! errors

  • Understanding someone else’s spreadsheet

  • Auditing a spreadsheet


The formula cell being displayed can be dynamic! Wrap it the OFFSET function and the cell you want can be dynamically selected. Refer to the example workbook.

Our functions are specially designed to help every-day Excel users to save time, by creating simple formulas that really do save time and effort when working in Excel.


This Excel add-in is designed for use within user formulas, to make it easy for every-day Excel users to have access to this capability without getting into macros or programming. And for VBA programmers - it can also be called from VBA.

Functions in the add-in:

a) CMV_GetCellFormula - Display just the formula

b) CMV_GetCellFormulaFull - Display the address, result and formula

c) CMV_GetDateFormat (BONUS FUNCTION!) – Always display dates in the relevant format for a region or user preference. By default the function takes the OS region setting, with a user option for their preference.

Operating Environment:  This is delivered as an Add-In .XLAM file. It runs with Excel workbooks - XLSX, XLSM and XLSB. On Excel 2010, 2013 and 2016 (32 & 64 bit), PC and Mac running Windows (32 & 64 bit). Note: Not for Mac OS.

For a limited time save 50% - Pay Only $10

Plus A Bonus Function!  Get Date Format - always display date in correct format

30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Accepted payment methods are credit cards and PayPal.


Please review the System Requirements before purchase. 

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