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Save Time With Free Add-In Functions For Excel

Save Time, Work Faster, Work Easier, Work More Accurately

These are Free for life, with no expiry date

Auto Magnify Drop Down Lists, Cells, Rows & Formulas

Automatic Magnification of Drop Down Lists & Cells is a click away.

Ideal for easy viewing of small cells or cells with large amounts of text

and much easier editing of formulas AND in cell editing is now the way to go.

Magnify Cell has a ribbon menu with buttons for magnification.

One click starts magnification at 150%, 2nd click 200%, 3rd click 250%, ...

Drop Downs Auto Zoom In and Out, Fonts Are Magnified For Other Cells 

Zoom In.png


No more squinting at the formula bar or tiny cells!

Searching For Clues.png

Display Formulas In Excel With Their Results

Quickly Find And Fix Errors In Formulas

See All Related Formulas and Results Together

Display multiple formulas together - find and fix problems faster

Display the chain of formulas together - from anywhere in the workbook

Display formulas in hidden cells, columns, rows and hidden sheets

Accelerate Development, Testing, Validation And Auditing

Display Dates In Local Region Format

Always display dates in the correct format for the end user location

Avoid user errors due to misundestanding of dates like 5/7/18

Free Functions Examples Display Formulas In Excel, Magnify Cell, Get Region Date Format

These are Excel Add-Ins with no expiry date.

Works with XLSX, XLSM and XLSB Workbooks

Excel 2010, 2013, 2016 on PC / Mac Windows

May work on other versions - try it and see.

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