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Magnify Cells, Drop Downs And Formulas


Save Time Working With Excel


Automatically Increase Size Of Drop Down Lists, Cells, Ranges & Rows
Save Time, Work Faster, Work Easier, Work More Accurately
  • Automatically Increase Drop Down Font Size

  • Automatically Increase Font Size Of Small Cells

  • Automatically Increase Font Size Of Formulas

  • Make Editing Of Text Cells Easier

  • Make Editing Formulas Easier

Do It All - With Just One Click!

Magnify cell Example 2.png
Magnify Cell example 1.png
Magnify cell Example 5 formula.png
Zoom In.png


This Video Shows You How To Do It


With Just A Click!

Automatically increasing the size of drop down lists, cells and formulas is now a click away.

Ideal for easy reading of drop-down lists, easier selection of drop down items, easier reading of cells that are in small fonts, and when editing formulas and text.

Each Cell: This sets Excel to automatically magnify each cell as you select it. 

The first click sets the font to 150%, second to 200%, third to 250%, … As you move around the sheet, each cell is automatically magnified to the same %, with previous cells returned to their original stateps: It’s now easier to perform all editing directly in the cell, instead of the formula bar.


Formulas are also magnified, at the same % magnification. They now use all the available space to the edge of the screen, then they wrap to the next line. Editing is so much easier than before and do so in the Cell! No more squinting at formulas!



Drop Downs: This sets Excel to automatically magnify a drop down cell as you select it.


Excel automatically zooms the screen into the cell, reverting to normal size when you move to another cell. First click sets it to 150% zoom, second to 200%, third 250%, …


Operating Environment:  This is delivered as an Add-In .XLAM file. It runs with Excel workbooks - XLSX, XLSM and XLSB. On Excel 2010, 2013 and 2016 (32 & 64 bit), PC and Mac running Windows (32 & 64 bit). Note: Not for Mac OS.



No more squinting at the formula bar or tiny cells!



Drop Down List is easier to read and easier to select items!





Special Introductory Offer - Save 50% - Only $10

30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Accepted payment methods are credit cards and PayPal.


Please review the System Requirements before purchase. 

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Our functions are specially designed to help every-day, non-technical Excel users, to save time and effort when working in Excel. They are supplied as Excel Add-Ins.

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