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Smart Functions Combo Bundle

50+ Functions To Save You Time & Ease Your Workload

Every Function Will Either Save You Time, Ease Your Workload or Add Capability To Your  Spreadsheets

It's So Easy - For Example:

Copy And Paste Formulas As Values Can Be Automated With

=CMV_Paste_Cell_Value(A1, FormulaRange)

The Combo Bundle Contains All Three Smart Function Bundles

Common Functions.jpg

Smart Cell Functions

Function Word Cloud Cell.jpg

Smart Processing  Functions

Export Cloud.jpg

Smart External Functions

Cell Based Functions Bundle
Function Word Cloud Cell.jpg
  • Change Cell Color - using an RGB code

  • Change Cell Color To An Excel Named Color x 8 
    (Black, White, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta & Cyan)

  • Clear Cell Range

  • Get Cell or Range Address as a string

  • Get Cell Color - as RGB code

  • Get Cell Height

  • Get Cell Width

  • Is Cell Hidden?

  • Is Cell Within a Range?

  • Is Column Hidden?

  • Is Row Hidden?

  • Paste Cell Formula or Range of Formulas to another range.
    Use it for Copy Paste range, Fill Down and Fill Across

  • Paste Cell Value or Range of Values to another range
    Use it for Copy Paste range, Fill Down and Fill Across

  • Paste Formula String To a Cell or Cell Range
    Use it To Paste to a Range, Fill Down and Fill Across with a Fixed Formula string OR User Generated string Formula in a cell

  • Paste Value To Cell Range - Paste range, Fill Down and Fill Across

  • Transpose Cells  x 4 functions
    Copy and Move From Columns Into Rows
    Copy and Move from Rows Into Columns​

General Processing Functions Bundle
Duplicates Cloud.jpeg
  • Clean A String - Thorough Clean - Removes ALL Non Printable Characters - including new line, line feeds, ALT new line and carriage returns.

  • Concatenate Cell Range - single & multi range, non contiguous cells + options for separator, skipping blank cells & date handling

  • Convert Column Number to Column Letter(s)

  • Find All Duplicates - single & multi range, non-contiguous cells, highlight them in colors of your choice, including first occurance.

  • Find Duplicates - single & multi range, non-contiguous cells, highlight them in colors of your choice, excluding first occurance.

  • Get Last Used Range Cell Address

  • Get Last Used Range Column

  • Get Last Used Range Row

  • Get nth Word or Phrase in a string

  • Get nth Word or Phrase in CSV string - text between commas

  • Search Exact Match  - Multi-Criteria - string or CSV

  • Search Partial Match - Multi-Criteria - string or CSV

  • Search Word or Phrase Match - Multi-Criteria - string or CSV​

External Functions Bundle
Export Cloud.jpg
  • Export Cell Range as Excel CSV File

  • Export Cell Range as Excel TEXT File

  • Write File Row (Text String) - With Append option

  • Read File Row (Text String) - With read row n option

  • User Alert Message Box - OK!

  • User Action Message Box - Yes/No

  • Get Current Workbook File Name

  • Get Current Workbook Path

  • Get Active Sheet Name

  • Is File Or Directory Present?

  • Is A WorkBook Open?

  • Is A WorkSheet Present?


Get All Three Function Bundles

Plus Bonus Functions - See Below

Special Introductory One Time Purchase Offer

Save 50% - Only $59.99

Accepted payment methods are credit cards and PayPal.


Please review the System Requirements before purchase. 

New Version Coming Soon.png
30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

PLUS Bonus Functions 

Common Functions.jpg
  • Backup Button - saves time-stamped backup of the workbook

  • Get Cell Formula

  • Get Cell Formula With Cell Address And Result Value

  • Get Regional Date Format

  • Set Cell To TRUE, FALSE, NULL (3 functions)

  • Wait n Seconds
  • Is This Mac OS or Windows Environment

  • F9 Calculate with Zero response - use this in calculation formulas 

  • F9 Calculate with Null response - use this in textual formulas


Future Functions 


Our functions are specially designed to help every-day Excel users to save time,

by using simple formulas that really do save time and effort in Excel.

Our development plans include extensions to some of the existing functions, new and complimentary functions for the existing packs, plus some new packs.
All are aimed at saving you time in your day-to-day work.

Please join our mailing list for news and updates 

We welcome your feedback on how to improve our functions.

We also welcome feedback on what else would help you to save time working with Excel.

Just drop us note using the contact form below.

Inclusions When You Purchase A Functions Bundle

An Excel Add-In pack includes all the functions for that bundle, plus the Common Functions, as defined in the Functions Directory at time of purchase.

1 Computer Licence Per Pack (unless specifically stated otherwise)

Functions Directory, detailing functions, arguments and options

A pdf file of the examples workbook for easy reference

The examples workbook for the functions pack

Access to all demonstration workbooks

Access to All How To Videos

30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee 

The licence is valid for all users of that computer, does not have an expiry date and whilst tied to the computer it is first installed on, it can be moved a number of times.

Please join our mailing list for news and updates


Note: The functions are designed & built to be called from formulas.

 Many will work when called from vba, but there is no warranty or

guarantees if called from vba code.


Have You Seen Click My View Application?

Intelligent Filtering Of Rows AND Columns


Hide and Unhide Rows and Columns Instantly

Especially designed for Everyday Excel Users.

Users who want to work faster, easier, smarter,

without technicalities, macros or programming.

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