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Replace Manual Work With Formulas

Yes - Formulas! (no writing macros - no programming needed)

Speed Up Data Entry, Validation, Analysis, Development And Testing

Plus Add New Power And Capabilities To Spreadsheets

Our functions are specially designed to help every-day Excel users to save time, by creating simple formulas that really do save time and effort when working in Excel.

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Save Time & Effort - Replace Manual Tasks With Formulas

Find Duplicates - Highlight e.g. =CMV_FindDuplicateCells(A1:A30)

Copy/Paste Formulas  - As Values e.g. =CMV_Paste_Cell_Value (A1:Z30, A1:Z30)

Clear A Cell Range  - To Empty e.g. =CMV_ClearRange(A1:Z30)

Export Data As Excel CSV File e.g. =CMV_ExportCSVFile("ExportFile.CSV",A1:Z30)

Read/Write File - Text and CSV  e.g. =CMV_FileReadString("ControlFile.txt")

Instant Backup With A Click e.g. MyWorkbook Backup 20180607 103025.xlsx

See How Formulas Can Replace Manual Steps


In This End Of Month Process

"Saves me time every day!"

A detailed walkthrough video can be viewed later in this page

Speed Up Data Entry, Validation, Analysis - With A Smarter Sheet

Highlight Duplicates As You Type e.g. =CMV_FindDuplicateCells(C1:C200,MyColor)

Default Data Automation e.g. =CMV_Paste_Value(A10:A12,IF(A1=1,"ABC","XYZ"))

Alert User - Change Color of Row, Range, Cell e.g. =CMV_ChangeCellColorToYellow(A1:Z1)

Stop User - With OK Message Box e.g. =CMV_MsgBoxOK("Be aware that ...........")

Stop User - With Answer Message Box e.g. =CMV_MsgBoxYesNo("Please confirm that ..........")

Message Box Yes No.png
Message Box OK.png

See How One Simple Formula Can Validate As You Type

Accelerate Spreadsheet Development And Testing - Examples

Display Formula Chains - Quickly Find And Fix Problems e.g. =CMV_GetFormula(A1)

Transpose Formulas - Keeping Cell References e.g. =CMV_TransposeToRows(A1,A1:Z1)

Fast Concatenation Of Ranges + options  e.g. =CMV_ConcatRange(A1:Z1,”; “)

Clear A Range Of Cells - To Empty e.g. =CMV_ClearRange(A1:Z30)

Set Cells True, False or Null  e.g. =CMV_True(A1)&CMV_False(A2)&CMV_Null(A3)

Copy Paste New Formula On The Fly  e.g. =CMV_Paste_Cell_Formula (A2:Z2, A1:Z1)

Dynamic Fill Down e.g. =CMV_Paste_Formula(A1:OFFSET(A1,CMV_GetLastRow()-1,0), A1)

Dynamic Formula Selection e.g. =CMV_Paste_Formula(CHOOSE(A1,C1,C2,C3,C4)

Create Formulas On The Fly e.g. =CMV_Paste_Formula(A1,If(B1=1,"=C1*10","=C2*12"))

Instant Workbook Backup - Versions e.g. MyWorkbook Backup 20180607 103025.xlsx

See How To Display And Transpose Formulas

"Saves me time every day!"

Start Accelerating Your Development, Testing &
Understanding Of Spreadsheets Built By Others

Add New Power and Capabilities To Spreadsheets

In additon to all of the above functions there are also:

Advanced SEARCH - Match any of MUTLIPLE CRITERIA, in TEXT and CSV string,

for exact match, partial string match, word match and phrase match:

e.g. 2=CMV_Search_Word_CSV("Apple,Pear","peach,apple,pear,strawberry,Pear")

e.g. 5=CMV_Search_Exact_CSV("Apple,Pear","peach,apple,pear,strawberry,Pear")

Get WORD n in TEXT string e.g. "four" =CMV_GetWordString("This is word four",4)

Get PHRASE n in CSV string  e.g. "a pear" =CMV_GetWordCSV("peach,apple,a pear",3)

Get DATE FORMAT for region or user preference e.g. =CMV_GetDateFormat()

Read file record - control data, lookup data e.g.=CMV_FileReadString("LookupTable.txt",3)

Write file record - statistical data or event e.g.=CMV_FileWriteString("LogFile.txt")

Make file name with path to workbook directory e.g.=CMV_MakeFileName(A1)

Does File or Directory Exist e.g.=CMV_FileOrDirExists("More Data.txt")

Is a Workbook Open  e.g.=CMV_IsWorkBookOpen("Another Workbook.xlsx")

Is Sheet present e.g.=CMV_IsWorksheetPresent("Sheet1")

Plus, a host of other functions from getting and setting cell colors, to WAIT and F9 Calculate

Click Here To See Working Examples 


Click Here For Examples Worbook

.xlsx workbook of the above

Click Here For Functions Directory

details of options & arguments

EOM Details

Learn How to Replace Manual Steps With Formulas


(End Of Month Detailed Walkthrough)

Learn how formulas 

  • Start & Control The Process

  • Ask For User Confirmation

  • Find & Highlight Duplicates 

  • Copy Formula Values Into Relevant Month Column

Learn how formulas 

  • Create A Unique File Name

  • Export Summary Data As CSV

  • Read a Row From CSV File

  • Increment Month Number

  • Reset For Next Month

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