Smart Excel Notepad Support

Excel Multi-Line Text Editor

Faster, Easier Entry of Multi Line Text
Ideal for Status Reports, Actions, Notes
Faster Formatting for Readability
Faster Reading and Comprehension
Improved Accuracy and Efficiency
Integrate With Your VBA Applications 

Instantly Change From Cell View To Smart Notepad Window

  • Using SmartXUser menu in the top ribbon


  • Click Open to open the Notepad window


  • Auto and Manual are Notepad Pro options.

    Auto enables instant automatic opening of Notepad whenever the user selects a cell
    that is formatted as "Text".

    Manual switches off automatic opening.


  • Text is displayed in the window in the same font as the selected cell, with the size enlarged. Default enlargement is  + 3 points This can be adjusted in the configuration.

  • Keyboard keys work as normal in the window. For example:
    - Enter starts a new line, Tab inserts a tab character.
    - Left Arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, Down Arrow move a character or row at a time.
    - Page Up, Page Down, Home, End keys are used for rapid movement (Plus the Scroll Bar)

  • Keyboard Shortcuts work as normal too. For example:
    - CTRL + RIGHT ARROW to go to next word
    - CTRL + SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW to select next word
    - SHIFT + DOWN ARROW to select a row

  • Configuration options enable you to replace Bullet, Hyphen and Number Suffix characters and define the number of spaces to follow them (default is 4 spaces).
  • Cell text is held as plain text, without formatting information, and consequently is displayed as plain text. Should the ability to format text within the window be a priority for you, please send us a request, and we will consider this for a future release.

Button Descriptions  (keyboard shortcuts are in brackets)

BULLET (ALT + B) Inserts a bullet + several spaces at the cursor position.

CANCEL (ESCAPE, Close Window) Closes without saving contents.

CLEAR ALL Deletes all text within the window (cell contents are unchanged).

COPY ALL (ALT + C) Copies all the contents in the text box to the clipboard.

DATE (ALT + D) Insert current date at the cursor position.

EDIT (ALT + E) Enters Edit mode - positions cursor within the text box.

FIND (ALT + F) Finds required word, phrase or text string after cursor position.

FIND NEXT (ALT + N) Find next occurrence of the same word, phrase or string.

HYPHEN (ALT + H) Inserts a Hypen and multiple spaces at cursor position.

NUMBER (ALT + N) Inserts a sequence number, which increments each time.

OK (ALT + O) Saves the content and moves to the next cell.

Note: This uses the Excel Enter key default setting for the movement. 

PRINT (ALT + P) Print contents on the default printer.

REFRESH Erase current content of window and refresh from the cell.

REPLACE (ALT + R) Replaces selected string, with a word or phrase.

REPLACE ALL (ALT + A) Replaces all selected string, with a word or phrase.

RESTART NUMBER Restart the sequence number from 1.

SAVE (ALT + S) Saves current text box content into the cell.

Note: After saving the content, Focus returns to the buttons, enabling selection of the next cell using ENTER (default direction), TAB (right), or ARROW keys.

To continue editing click the EDIT button, type ALT+E, or click in the window.

SAVE UP, SAVE DOWN, SAVE LEFT, SAVE RIGHT are used for a Directional Exit to the next visible cell, either above, below, to the left or to the right of the current cell, similar to the arrow keys. When clicked they save the content, close the window and select the next visible cell ready for the user to enter data.

Note: These buttons are only operational in the Pro option.

NOTE: When Closing the window, clicking Cancel, typing ESCAPE, clicking CLEAR ALL, or clicking Refresh, you are prompted for confirmation with the following.

Click OK or ENTER to save content and close the window.


Click Cancel or ESCAPE to close the window without saving.

(e.g. ESCAPE ESCAPE exits without saving the contents)


Updating the Activation Code With A New Code

An update of the activation code is required when moving from a Trial to Subscription, Renewal of subscription or Purchase.

You will need the email that you received containing your registration details.

The Steps are:

Click About

Click Yes Button

Click Register Button

Enter new Activation Code and click OK

Changing The Configuration

Click the Information button, Click Yes, and the Registration & Configuration Window is displayed, enabling the following to be changed:

  • Bullet character 

  • Hyphen character

  • Sequence Number suffix (e.g. 2.)

  • Number of spaces to add following one of the above

  • Font size increment for displaying text (e.g. cell size 9 becomes 12) 

Calling Notepad From VBA 

This is a Notepad Pro Option

Dim x as String

x = Application.Run("SXU_NotepadOpen", Sheet1.Range("a2"))


 x = Application.Run("'Smart Excel Notepad.xlam'!SXU_NotepadOpen", Target)

Note: x contains the direction the user took on exit

=  0 No change
=  1 Right
= -1 Left
=  2 Down
= -2 Up

The following is an example of VBA code for automatically opening Notepad, when the user selects a specific cell: 

Private Sub Worksheet_SelectionChange(ByVal Target As Range)

Dim x As String

' is selection a single cell?

If Target.Cells.Count = 1 Then

' is target cell within the range for text editing?

 If Not Intersect(Target, Range("A2")) Is Nothing Then

' then call Notepad

        x = Application.Run("SXU_NotepadOpen", Target)

End If

End If

End Sub

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