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Smart Menu

An Intelligent menu

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Click My View Smart Menu For Excel

  • Instant navigation to any cell in any sheet of any workbook, automatically unhide sheets, unhide cells

  • Open Any Workbook instantly at a sheet and cell of your choice, in any directory

  • Open Directories, Documents, Presentations, PDF files, Web Pages & Web Documents

  • Choice of Menu Styles - Workflow, Structured, Cascading

  • Make Menus Dynamic - using simple formulas (or macros) for Menu Text and Navigation Links

  • Add Textual User Prompts, Instructions, Help & Reference Documents

  • Execution of macros from both the current workbook or target workbook, with multiple arguments


Save hours of your time with Smart Menu!


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Overview (2 minutes) - Demonstration (5 minutes)

Followed by How To Setup Smart Menu

Open your regular workbooks and files with just a click (documents, workbooks, pdf files, presentations, status reports, financial reports) and web pages with just a click. No more hunting for files, or trying to find /unhide worksheet, row or column that you need - open them with just one click.


Open your regular directories with just a click too! No more drilling down through multiple directory levels.


Organise your menus the best and fastest way for you! Perhaps by subject, by workflow or as cascading menus.


Save hours of TEAM time each week with a shared TEAM Menu!


Share a TEAM MENU of common team Files, (documents, workbooks, pdf files, presentations, status reports, financial reports, help files, reference materials - each member can click to instantly open them.


Save Time By Automatically Opening Latest Version Of Files!


Add appropriate formulas or a macro to calculate the correct file name and open latest versions with just a click.


Save Time By Automatically Controlling Basic Work-Flow!

Add appropriate formulas or a macro to determine the next step in a work-flow and adjust the menu accordingly.


All Click My View tools are specially designed to help business users of Excel improve efficiency and productivity. They are for people who want to complete their work in minimum time, with minimum effort, ideally for it to be automated or just require a click. Smart Forms work straight away, with little or no time to set up and no technical skills are needed.


Fast Navigation To Workbook, Sheet & Web Page & Run Macros
Smart Menu Example Main Menu.png
Smart Menu Example Macro Hello World Thi
Other Examples Of Menu Styles
Smart Menu Example Structured menu.png
Smart Menu Example Cascading Global.png
Smart Menu Example Region.png

Smart Menu - An Excel Navigation Menu - An Intelligent Excel Menu


Smart Menus are Intelligent Menus, that enable workbooks, documents, files, directories and web pages to be automatically opened and hidden sheets,  rows, and columns to be made visible as and when needed. After opening and activating the target cell, Smart Menu may also run a macro (with arguments), from either the workbook containing the menu or the target workbook. 


Setup is easy and straightforward: 

To set up a menu item to "Go To Cell" requires a description and a pointer to a cell - type "=" and click in cell you want to go to. What could be simpler! When you click the menu item Smart menu makes the cell visible and activates it ready for you to start work.


Setup to go to a cell in another workbook is just as easy - type "=", go to the other workbook and click in the cell that you want to be opened. That's it! When you click the menu item, if not already open, Smart Menu will open it, activate the correct sheet and make the cell visible and position the cursor in the required cell.


Menus open automatically as a user selects a menu cell and all the actions are performed when a user clicks it.


The menu can be fully dynamic too! Potentially all menu items, actions, macros and arguments can be dynamically adjusted to suit the situation through user formulas and macros. 


The Demonstration Menu above reflects the range of navigation options - from the most basic - go to a cell, to opening workbooks, documents, web pages, and running macros in both the current and target workbooks. 

Also included are examples of different types of the menu, that are each easily created. In the example workbook, the Cascading menus automatically open the menus of lower level menus that are selected.

Smart Forms Control Menu

Smart Forms Ribbon Menu.png

   Overall control of the Smart Forms is through a ribbon menu, entitled CMV


  • About: Displays a message box containing information about the software version

  • Start Functions: Starts all functions – checks the licence and awakes the functions.

  • Stop Functions: Stops all functions – puts them to sleep.

  • Backup File: Creates a backup of your workbook with a time-stamped file name.

  • Sheets: Opens the Sheets window for fast navigation to hidden sheets.

  • Menus On - Off: Enables / disables automatic display of menus.

  • Lists On - Off: Enables / disables automatic display of Smart Lists / Dependant Lists.

  • Calendar On - Off: Enables / disables automatic display of cell calendars.

  • Smart Text On - Off: Enables / disables automatic display of text editing windows.


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Smart Forms Overview Header Play.png

Smart Forms Productivity Tools

   Helping every-day Excel users to work faster, more efficiently and increase spreadsheet capabilities.


  • Smart List - automatically replaces Excel drop downs, searchable, multi-column display, multi-selection. With numerous options, which includes viewing photos, documents, web pages and enabling Smart Dependency Lists – with a new approach, that is much faster and easier than traditional methods

  • Smart Cell Calendar – no more blindly typing dates – with fast selection of real working days, etc.
  • Smart Dependency List – a new, much faster and easier method, than traditional methods

  • Smart Text Edit – an automatic window for cell text editing - with basic formatting, real tabs, bullets, etc.

  • Smart Menu -  intelligent menu - go to any cell - auto opens workbooks, sheets and runs macros

  • Smart Sheets – click to go to any sheet - hide/unhide individual sheets or all sheets with just a click



This is a short overview of Smart Forms

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"Smart Forms save me time!"

Customer Satisfaction Is Important To Us
We believe in the effectiveness and quality of our products and are confident they will save you time and ease your workload.
If for any reason you are not satisfied within 30 days, we will happily return your money.


Smart Forms Pack Inclusions


  • Smart Lists – replaces Excel drop downs, searchable, multi-column display, multi-selection. With numerous options, which includes enabling Smart Dependency Lists – which is a new approach, much faster and easier than traditional methods

  • Smart Text Editor – for reading & editing text - with basic formatting, real tabs, bullets, etc.

  • Smart Cell Calendar – no more blindly typing dates – fast selection of the day, month & year

  • Smart Menu -  intelligent menu - click to open workbooks, unhide sheets & cells, run macros

  • Smart Sheets – click to go to any sheet, plus click for fast hiding / unhiding of sheets

  • Free point release updates, support, User Manual, Examples workbook, Access to all Videos



Plus a Free AddIn for Cell & Sheet Magnification!









SMART FORMS Subscription 


Pack Starts From

$2 per Week!

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