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Smart Excel Notepad

Excel Text Editor

Ideal For Tracking Progress, 
Taking Detailed Notes 

Faster Formatting Of Multi-Line Text,
Sentences and Paragraphs!
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Status Report


Actions Tracker


Risk Register 

Issues Register 

Compliance Register


Quality Register

Asset Tracker

Registration Tracker

Complaints Tracker

Action Plan



Change Register 



Document Register

Project Registers

Work Breakdown

Work Faster & Easier
Anywhere You Need
Multi-Line Text In One Cell
Switch From Cell To Window View

Do You Want To Save Time?

You Can With Smart Excel Notepad!
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Faster, Easier Entry of Multi Line Text

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Ideal for Status Reports, Actions, Notes

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Faster Formatting for Readability

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Faster Reading and Comprehension

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Improved Accuracy and Efficiency

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Integrate With Your VBA Applications 

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PLUS Functions For Faster Typing And Editing
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Share as an Email, Document Or Handout
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Multi Line Text Is Easier To Read And Comprehend

Take A Free Trial Today!
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  • Add List numbers, bullets and columns

  • Clearly see sentences and their context

  • See everything in a larger, scalable font size 

  • Find and Replace functions for fast corrections

  • See far more of the notes in the window, plus

  • Scroll bar and Page keys for fast movement

  • Use Normal keyboard keys - for fast entry

Instantly Change To Editing Window

How  Can It Be FASTER?

Type Notes And Comments FASTER With SMART EXCEL NOTEPAD 

  • Using natural keystrokes, such as ENTER, TAB, Page Up, Page Down.


  • Improve visual context FASTER using TAB key for indented rows and columns plus add bullets and list numbers using buttons and ALT key shortcuts.

  • Move around notes FASTER with SCROLL BAR, PAGE UP / DOWN keys.

  • Move around notes even FASTER with FIND and FIND NEXT functions.

  • Fix mistakes FASTER with FIND, REPLACE and REPLACE ALL functions.



Read And Comprehend Notes FASTER with SMART EXCEL NOTEPAD


  • More of the notes are visible so you can see more of what’s important.

  • Sections, Paragraphs, Sentences, Rows and Columns of data are more visible

  • Text is displayed in a larger font size than in the cell (up to 10 points larger).

  • Comprehension is faster with Bullets, List Numbers, Indented Rows and columns.

  • Move around notes FASTER with SCROLL BAR, PAGE Keys & FIND functions.




We are confident you will love this software. 

Should you not be fully satisfied, we will gladly give you a refund.


Customer Satisfaction Is Important To Us

We believe in the effectiveness and quality of our products and confident you will save time and ease your workload.


If for any reason you are not satisfied, we will gladly return your money.


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"Smart Excel Tools Save Me Time!"

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