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How To Magnify Cells In Excel

With A Click

Magnify Cell example.png

Instant Cell Magnification is now just one click away. Ideal for easy viewing of small cells or cells with large amounts of text and easier editing of formulas.

Click My View Cell Magnify function ribbon menu has two buttons for magnification.

Magnify ribbon 2.png

Click the Magnify On button and the current cell is magnified to 150%,
the second click increases it to 200%, the third to 250%, up to as large as you need.

Magnification stays switched ON, at the selected %, until switched off.

Cell height and width are automatically increased to fit the contents, right up to the right-hand edge of the screen. Ideal when a large amount of text is to be viewed and especially useful for editing formulas.

As you move around your sheet, each cell is automatically magnified to the same %, with the previous cell being returned to original size.

Double-Clicking a cell displays the underlying formula, at the same % magnification.


ps: It’s now easier to perform all formula editing directly in the cell, instead of the formula bar.

No more squinting at the formula bar or tiny cells!

Click the Magnify Off button and the cell is reset to original size, width and height. The magnify cell function i switched off and the next time Magnify On is clicked, it starts at 150%.

Example: All three rows are set to Calibri font, size 12, at 100% screen magnification.

Row 1 is the normal view of the cell – the result of its formula is currently displayed.

Row 2 is ONE click of Magnify On button – 150% expansion

Row 3 is a SECOND click of Magnify On button – 200% expansion – plus a double-click of the cell, which shows the formula, ready for editing.

Our functions are specially designed to help every-day, non-technical Excel users, to save time and effort when working in Excel.

Operating Environment:  This is delivered as an Add-In .XLAM file.

It runs with all types of Excel workbook - XLSX, XLSM and XLSB.

On Excel 2010, 2013 and 2016 (32 & 64 bit), running on Windows (32 & 64 bit).

Note: As yet untested on Mac.

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