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How To Magnify Drop Down Lists

And Cells In Excel

(With Just One Click)

Magnify cell ribbon.png

Instant and automatic magnification of cells is now a click away. Ideal for easily reading drop-down lists, small fonts, low zoom levels or large amounts of text, plus it’s much easier to edit formulas!

Each Cell: Sets Excel to automatically magnify each cell as it is selected. First click sets the font ratio to 150%, second to 200%, third to 250%, … As you move around, each cell is automatically magnified to the same %, with height and width adjusted too.  And the previous cell is returned to original state.

Magnify Cell example 1.png
Magnify cell Example 2.png

Selection options are:

  • individual cells

  • a range of cells

  • multiple rows

  • multiple columns.

Magnify cell Example 5 formula.png

Formulas are displayed at the same % magnification and use all the available space to the edge of the screen, then they wrap to the next line.

ps: It’s now easier to perform all editing directly in the cell, instead of the formula bar.

No more squinting at the formula bar or tiny cells!

Drop Downs: Sets Excel to automatically magnify as a cell with a drop down list is selected. The screen is briefly zoomed, reverting to normal size when you move to the next cell. First click on Drop Down button sets it to 150%, second click 200%, third 250%, … The example is 200%

The lists are much easier to read and easier to select from!

Magnify cell Example 3.png

Magnify Off: Cancels cell magnification and resets the Each Cell and Drop Down buttons to 100%.

Magnify cell Example 6 100.png

Zoom In / Out: Fast zoom the screen to see details. Just a click makes for fast, accurate zooming and returning to the exact zoom level. One click increases or decreases the current zoom level by 25%, 50% for second click, etc…. The example below has been clicked twice – 150%

Magnify cell Example 4.png


Our functions are specially designed to help every-day, non-technical Excel users, to save time and effort when working in Excel.

Operating Environment:  This is delivered as an Add-In .XLAM file.

It runs with all types of Excel workbook - XLSX, XLSM and XLSB.

On Excel 2010, 2013 and 2016 (32 & 64 bit), running on Windows (32 & 64 bit).

May work on other versions - try it and see.

Note: As yet untested on Mac.

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