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Click My View - Smart Views - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I move my Software License to another computer?

Yes you can.

Click My View functions are licenced for use on one computer. However, unlike some vendors who insist on purchase of another licence, we generously allow customers to move a licence to another computer a number of times. The first step is for you, the customer, to release the license on your old computer. It is always the responsibility of the customer to perform this – instructions are below.

The first step to move the licence to another computer is for you to release the license on your old computer. Please note: Once performed, the licence cannot be re-activated on the old computer, this is irreversible.

On the old computer, ensure Excel is not running, then launch Excel with the Shift and OS keys pressed, keeping them pressed UNTIL you see the License Options dialog below. (The OS key has an Apple icon for Mac or Window icon for Windows).

Select the “Release License” tab and click OK. Confirmation is displayed advising that the licence has been blocked. Now install the software and licence on the other computer.

Please be aware that to help Excel users to take advantage of our software tools, we keep our retail prices very low. As a consequence, we are unable to offer free support for releasing, resetting, restoring or transferring licences. If you are unable to do so yourself, it will be necessary to either purchase a new licence for your computer or purchase a support service (submit a support request and we will provide a quotation).

We recognize that bona fide customers will change computers over time and whilst enabling the licence to be moved, there is a limit of 8 activations. This is considered ample for legitimate customers. This is a hard limit and once reached, the licence cannot be reactivated and new licence or subscription must be purchased. This is unfortunate, but necessary, in order to minimize software piracy.

Can other people view my worksheets?

Yes. They don't need a Click My View license on their computer to view the sheets. Naturally, the Click My View features will not be vailable and so they will have to manually hide and unhide sheets and columns.

Can other people update my worksheet?

Yes. They will have access to all the features of Click My View should they make those updates on your computer or on a computer that has a Click My View license. They can also update worksheets in the normal way without a Click My View license. However, they will not have access to the Click My View features.

Can I have multiple worksheets within the one workbook?

Yes, just the same as normal Excel workbooks. Simply migrate as many sheets you require into Click My View, using the CUT and PASTE method described in the user manual.

Can I still use my spreadsheets without a Click My View Licence?

Yes. You can update all the sheets normally, but without Click My View features.

Can I take work home and work on my home computer?

Yes. If you have a Click My View license for your home computer then all the Click My View features will be available. If not, you can still update the sheets but without the Click My View features.

Can I move my workbooks from one computer to another?

Yes. Nothing further is needed if the computer to which you are moving already has a Click My View license. Otherwise, the license must first be deactivated from the current computer and then Click My View installed and re-activated on the new computer. (Refer installation guide). Alternately you can update the sheets without Click My View features.

Can I move a worksheet back to being a normal Excel worksheet?

Yes. a) You can either just use the existing Click My View workbook without a licence. b) you can migrate a worksheet into a normal workbook in the same way that you move an existing worksheet into Click My View, using CUT and PASTE (refer user manual).

Can I move my workbook between Windows and Mac?

Yes. Naturally, they both need to have a Click My View license and meet system requirements. Currently this means running Windows Excel on the Mac as the Mac Excel does not support all the feautures found in Windows Excel.

Can I add my own macros / VBA code to Click My View?

Unfortunately, not at this time. In this version the VBA project is locked and not accessible. However, we are considering releasing a version that operates as an Excel Addin which does not lock the VBA project. Should this be something you need, please let us know by using the support request. Your note will validate the need for this version. We promise to directly let you know when it becomes available.

How do I get a worksheet password reset?

If you are the licence holder, please submit a support request. If not, please consult the licence holder and have them contact us.

How do I put a password on the Master Template sheet?

Master Template Sheet and Example Report Sheet are exempt from passwords. Simply change the tab name if you want to put a password on either. BUT NOTE: once it has a password it cannot be reversed. This is necessary to avoid this technique becoming a shortcut for bypassing passwords on other sheets. The rule is that any sheet already has a password, it will continue to insist on the password.

What if I am travelling and don't have internet connection?

A licenced Click My View will continue to function normally for up to 2 weeks without internet connection. (The Trial version requires access each time it is started) After that period you can still use your spreadsheet without internet connection, but without Click My View features. Once Internet connection resumes Click My View will again function normally. Click My view will alert you when there is no internet connection.

What if I don't have internet connection?

Click My View can be activated manually - refer to installation guide. However, Click My View will only allow 5 launches without internet connection, after that the Click My View features will no longer function until connection to the internet is established. If it is essential that you have a version that does not require periodic internet connection you must submit a Support Request to us. But please be aware there are feature restrictions when sharing these workbooks with people who are using the normal Click My View application.