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Excel Multiple Column 
Drop Down

Smart Excel Multiple Column Drop Down



View Single or Multiple Columns


Selection of Single or Multiple Rows

Searching Within All Columns

Add New Row To List

(on the fly)

Product -Drop Down Multi.png



Searching For Partial Words

Searching For Words or Phrases

Searching For Multiple Words

And Phrases Using Commas

Dynamically Filters As You Type

Scroll Bar For Reading Long Text


Large Font For Easier Reading

Show / Hide Duplicate Rows

Sort Rows A to Z & Z to A

More Visible Rows

Simple To Install


Automatically Replaces Excel Drop Down

Saves You Time, Easier To Read, Easier To Use

Quickly Find and Select The Row You Need

Search Using Multiple Words or Phrases


Search Using Partial Word or Phrase

Excel Drop Down Is

Designed For Speed

Simply Install And Go
  • Fast Search - type a letter, string, word or phrase

  • Multi Search - for multiple words and phrases 

  • Smart Search - dynamic filtering, as you type

  • Sort Buttons - sort alphabetically A-Z & Z-A

  • Duplicates Buttons - show / hide duplicates

  • Scroll Bars - fast scrolling rows and long text 

  • Tab and Enter key - save and select next cell

  • Clear & Delete Buttons - to clear selection

  • Larger Font - faster to read, easier to read 

  • More Rows To See - 16 rows instead of 8

  • See the validation range in window header

  • Default Options To Automatically: sort drop down, hide duplicates, choose font size increase

Select "Multi" Options With A

Named Range

Single or Multiple Columns In View

(up to 4 columns - returns column 1)

Single or Multiple Selection of Rows

Sort Rows, Hide Duplicates

Skip Hidden Rows


Clean String, Sound System Beep, Get Hyperlink,

Get Last Used Row / Column, Get Formula,

Get Workbook Path, Does File / Sheet Exist

GetMultiSelectionN - return individual selections within a cell (from multiple selections)


System Requirements

Please Check These Before Ordering

Need More?
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Smart Drop Down Pro Option

  • Up to 99 Columns

  • Display A Photo, Image, or PDF File

  • Open a Document or Web Page

  • Choice of Returning 

        - 1st, 2nd or Last Cell

        - Hidden Description

        - Hidden Product Code

Coming Soon (2).jpg
Check Out
Excel Drop Down Pro Options

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"Multi Column Drop Down
saves me time!"

Customer Satisfaction Is Important To Us

We stand by the quality of our products and are confident they will save you time and ease your workload.
If for any reason within 30 days, you are not satisfied we will happily refund your money.

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Do You Need More? 

> Select Multiple Items?

> Display Multiple Columns?

Add List Items On The Fly?

Then check out the 

Multi Drop Down Options

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