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Smart Excel Software Installation

The email that you will receive contains your registration details, a software download link, quick start instructions and links to this support page and the product page.

The download file is an Excel macro-enabled workbook. It is delivered this way to facilitate the simple installation of the software as an Add-In.

  1. Click the link to download the workbook containing the software.

  2. Decide which installation option you wish to choose. Refer below.

  3. If you will be choosing either of option 2 or 3, please move the workbook to the folder where you wish the add-in to be created.

  4. Open the workbook in Excel. Should Excel ask if macros need to be enabled, please allow this.

  5. Enter the registration details as provided in the email and click OK.

  6. Click on the required installation option.

  7. If you selected option 1 or 2, please close ALL instances of Excel and restart Excel.

    The "SmartXUser" menu can be found in the top ribbon and the software is now active.  


  8. If you selected option 3), the Addin file is located in the current folder, ready for manual installation. Refer to Install Excel Addins for a guide on how to do this.

Click Here For Instructions on Generic Excel Add-In Installation or Removal  


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