Save time and boost efficiency with crystal-clear views of Essential data

Faster, Easier, Entry And Reading Of Data

Automatic Pop Ups for single and multi list selections,

a calendar for dates and fast text editing, formatted and easily read.

All with tab through and multi direction exit (up, down, right, left)

Add Flexibility  With Dynamic Sheet Filtering

Cut through the noise, filter down rows and across columns,

to see the essential data, use "named views" for reports,

and ad hoc filters for drilling down to lower levels .

Click to hide and unhide rows and columns

Add Functionality and User Interaction  To Your Sheets

With 32 extra functions for your formulas, message boxes 

for user interaction, convert results to fixed values, 

multi-string searching, concatenate cells,
read / write text file,  is file present,

get nth word or phrase.

One license per computer

Special Introductory Offer


Our accepted payment methods are PayPal or credit card. We ask that you kindly review the System Requirements before subscribing. 

ANNUAL Subscription - Starting at 10c per day!

Receive regular updates and professional support from our dedicated team.

1 annual license


Just 10c per day

5 annual licenses


       Save 10%

10 annual licenses


        Save  15%

25 annual licenses


      Save 20%

50 annual licenses


       Save 25%

100 annual licenses


        Save 33%

One license per computer

unhide all sheets in excel, unhide multiple sheets in excel

30 Day Guarantee

Click My View is one of the most effective and powerful Excel tools for every day Excel users, Users without technical or programming skills.

We know you will absolutely love it, but if you don’t we will offer you a full refund within the first 30 days. To request a refund, click the image on your left.

For large numbers of licenses - please contact us at


Sunshine Solutions Pty Ltd

34 Balemo St, Minyama, Queensland Australia 4575


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