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Smart Excel Notepad 
Excel Multi Line Text Editor

Faster cell text editing - Easier to Read & Comprehend

Large window, columns, bullets, scroll bar, plus 


A Searchable Drop Down List In Excel, a multi column drop down list

plus multi selection, photo and much more

Smart Dependent List / Cascading List

75% faster using a totally new approach, faster & easier than traditional methods

Smart Cell Calendar
Always enter real working-day dates, fast and accurately

Smart Menu
Dynamic, cascading - open workbooks, directories, documents, web pages, run macros

Smart Sheets
Go to any sheet - hide/unhide individual sheets & all sheets with just a click


Each Smart Form saves time, saves effort and reduces workload. Smart Forms are faster and easier than what is typically in use. Some Smart Forms also introduce totally new and more efficient methods - such as Smart Dependency Lists and Intelligent Menus. Imagine clicking the menu to open several of your everyday workbooks or files and never having to look in directories to find them. Smart Menu opens  - workbooks, sheets, pdf files, documents, presentations, web pages and even web documents. And sharing a TEAM Menu will save hours of time in just days.


Automatically replace standard Excel features with Smart List, Smart Text Edit, Smart Cell Calendar and Smart Sheets. Each has default settings for the most frequent needs and activation of options just takes a minute or two. For example, assign a range name to a cell for an instant, searchable, multi-column, multi-selection, drop down. 


Smart Dependency List and Smart Menu setup - simply need a range name and a lookup table. 


Smart Excel User products are specifically designed to help save time, reduce effort and boost productivity business users of Excel. People who are busy and need to complete their work in minimum time, with minimum effort and fuss. Smart Forms are designed to do help them, with minimal setup, and no technical skills needed.

Excel Multi Line Text In One Cell?

Smart Functions For Excel - User Productivity Tools

Click My View Smart Functions can:


  • Automate Manual Tasks - Replace tasks with formulas (e.g. EOM summary & extract

  • Enable genuine interaction with users, with message boxes for alerts and actions

  • Find duplicates in multiple ranges, with a single formula

  • Copy and Paste values into a range of cells And Clear a range of cells

  • Permanently ged rows, with current date and time time stamp new rows or chan

  • Copy and Paste a range of formulas, retaining cell references - copy down, across

  • Copy and Paste ranges of formulas as values - preserve totals, sequence numbers

  • Transpose Formulas, retaining correct cell references

  • Automate the export of CSV data and Read and Write text files

  • Plus a host of other functions to help you save time, improve quality, work smarter


A common step that many Excel users perform on a regular basis is 

Copy and Paste a Column of Totals into another column and Save As Values

This single formula can save you time every time!


=CMV_Paste_Cell_Value(ValueRange, FormulaRange)


This and other Smart Functions enable manual steps to be easily automated - just use a check box or radio button to trigger the functions!

Check out the Video describing the End Of Month process to see how entire processes can be automated

Save Effort, Ease Your Workload, Add New Capabilities To Your  Spreadsheets

With 50+ productivity functions that can help you save time, work smarter, work easier.

We also have an Excel application that saves frequently used views, and automatically filters 

columns and rows to show you the view of the data you need. (unwanted rows and columns are instantly hidden)

Customer Satisfaction Is Important To Us
We believe in the effectiveness and quality of our products and are confident they will save you time and ease your workload.
If for any reason you are not satisfied within 30 days, we will happily return your money.

Smart Functions Will Save You Time, Ease Your Workload

And Add New Capabilities To Your  Spreadsheets

Automate Manual Tasks With Simple Formulas - Save Time & Effort

Find Duplicates - Highlight e.g. =CMV_FindDuplicateCells(A1:A30)

Copy/Paste Formulas  - As Values e.g. =CMV_Paste_Cell_Value (A1:Z30, A1:Z30)

Clear A Cell Range  - To Empty e.g. =CMV_ClearRange(A1:Z30)

Export Data As Excel CSV File e.g. =CMV_ExportCSVFile("ExportFile.CSV",A1:Z30)

Read/Write File - Text and CSV  e.g. =CMV_FileReadString("ControlFile.txt")

Instant Backup With A Click e.g. MyWorkbook Backup 20180607 103025.xlsx

Smart functions are specially designed to help every-day Excel to write simple formulas that genuinely save time and effort.

Save Time - Automate Manual Work

See This Automated End Of Month Process

"Saves me time every day!"

A detailed walkthrough video can be viewed later in this page

Speed Up Data Entry, Validation, Analysis


Highlight Duplicates As You Type e.g. =CMV_FindDuplicateCells(C1:C200,MyColor)

Default Data Automation e.g. =CMV_Paste_Value(A10:A12,IF(A1=1,"ABC","XYZ"))

Alert User - Change Color of Row, Range, Cell e.g. =CMV_ChangeCellColorToYellow(A1:Z1)

Stop User - With OK Message Box e.g. =CMV_MsgBoxOK("Be aware that ...........")

Stop User - With Answer Message Box e.g. =CMV_MsgBoxYesNo("Please confirm that ..........")

One Single Formula Checks For Duplicates As You Type

Accelerate Spreadsheet Development And Testing

Display Formula Chains - Quickly Find And Fix Problems e.g. =CMV_GetFormula(A1)

Transpose Formulas - Keeping Cell References e.g. =CMV_TransposeToRows(A1,A1:Z1)

Fast Concatenation Of Ranges + options  e.g. =CMV_ConcatRange(A1:Z1,”; “)

Clear A Range Of Cells - To Empty e.g. =CMV_ClearRange(A1:Z30)

Set Cells True, False or Null  e.g. =CMV_True(A1)&CMV_False(A2)&CMV_Null(A3)

Copy Paste New Formula On The Fly  e.g. =CMV_Paste_Cell_Formula (A2:Z2, A1:Z1)

Dynamic Fill Down e.g. =CMV_Paste_Formula(A1:OFFSET(A1,CMV_GetLastRow()-1,0), A1)

Dynamic Formula Selection e.g. =CMV_Paste_Formula(CHOOSE(A1,C1,C2,C3,C4)

Create Formulas On The Fly e.g. =CMV_Paste_Formula(A1,If(B1=1,"=C1*10","=C2*12"))

Instant Workbook Backup - Versions e.g. MyWorkbook Backup 20180607 103025.xlsx

Save Time Finding & Fixing Errors In Formula

"Saves me time every day!"

Add New Power and Capabilities To Spreadsheets

In additon to all of the above functions there are also new capabilties:

Advanced SEARCH - Match any of MUTLIPLE CRITERIA, in both TEXT and CSV strings,

for exact match, partial match, word match and phrase match (text between CSV commas):

e.g. 2=CMV_Search_Word_CSV("Apple,Pear","peach,apple,pear,strawberry,Pear")

e.g. 5=CMV_Search_Exact_CSV("Apple,Pear","peach,apple,pear,strawberry,Pear")

Get WORD n in TEXT string e.g. "four" =CMV_GetWordString("This is word four",4)

Get PHRASE n in CSV string  e.g. "a pear" =CMV_GetWordCSV("peach,apple,a pear",3)

Get DATE FORMAT for region or user preference e.g. =CMV_GetDateFormat()

Read file record - control data, lookup data e.g.=CMV_FileReadString("LookupTable.txt",3)

Write file record - statistical data or event e.g.=CMV_FileWriteString("LogFile.txt")

Make file name with path to workbook directory e.g.=CMV_MakeFileName(A1)

Does File or Directory Exist e.g.=CMV_FileOrDirExists("More Data.txt")

Is a Workbook Open  e.g.=CMV_IsWorkBookOpen("Another Workbook.xlsx")

Is Sheet present e.g.=CMV_IsWorksheetPresent("Sheet1")

Plus, a host of other functions from getting and setting cell colors, to WAIT and F9 Calculate


Click Here For Examples Worbook

.xlsx workbook of the above

Click Here For Functions Directory

details of options & arguments

Inclusions When You Purchase A Functions Bundle


An Excel Add-In bundle includes all the functions for that bundle, plus the Common Functions, as defined in the Functions Directory at time of purchase.

1 Computer Licence Per Pack (unless specifically stated otherwise)

Functions Directory, detailing functions, arguments and options

A pdf file of the examples workbook for easy reference

The examples workbook for the functions pack

Access to all demonstration workbooks

Access to All How To Videos

30 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee 


The licence is valid for all users of that computer, does not have an expiry date and whilst tied to the computer it is first installed on, it can be moved a number of times.

All forms and functions are Excel Add-In Files (xlam)

Functions are specially designed for inclusion in user formulas

Forms and Functions are external to your workbooks


Smart Functions are specially designed, built & tested to be called from formulas.

 Most work just fine when called from vba but we cannot guarantee that they all do.

Learn how formulas 

  • Create A Unique File Name

  • Export Summary Data As CSV

  • Read a Row From CSV File

  • Increment Month Number

  • Reset For Next Month

Learn how formulas 

  • Start & Control The Process

  • Ask For User Confirmation

  • Find & Highlight Duplicates 

  • Copy Formula Values Into Relevant Month Column

Learn How to Automate Manual Steps With Formulas


(End Of Month Process Detailed Walkthrough)

Future Functions 


Smart Functions are specially designed to help every-day Excel users to save time,

by using simple formulas that really do save time and effort in Excel.

Our development plans include extensions to some of the existing functions, new and complimentary functions for the existing packs, plus some new packs.
All are aimed at saving you time in your day-to-day work.

Please join our mailing list for news and updates 

We welcome your feedback on how to improve our functions.

We also welcome feedback on what else would help you to save time working with Excel.

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